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Let us tell you a bit about Surrey Mirrors...

Surrey Mirrors specialises in crafting "Foxed Mirrors" – a term that resonates with the allure of antique mirrors whose silvering has gracefully aged and developed a misty, tarnished appearance in certain areas. Surrey Mirrors aim to give an authentically aged look to either individual tiles or bespoke wall hung mirrors.


Surrey Mirrors has a large portfolio of projects spanning both domestic and commercial projects, including boutique cinemas, bars, restaurants, games rooms and living rooms. 


At the heart of Surrey Mirrors' craftsmanship lies the intricate and skillful process of foxing. This method involves deliberately inducing controlled deterioration to mimic the natural aging of antique mirrors. Light foxing, serves not only to replicate the pleasing patina of age but also to infuse each  mirror with a unique character and charm crating timeless pieces of art.


What sets Surrey Mirrors apart is their commitment to bespoke craftsmanship. Surrey Mirrors collaborates closely with clients, understanding their vision and translating it into one-of-a-kind foxed mirrors. This bespoke approach ensures that each project, whether large or small scale, reflects the client's personality and style, creating an emotional connection with the mirror.



For those with a specific vision in mind, Surrey Mirrors welcomes bespoke inquiries personally engaging with clients to understand their preferences, and translating them into tangible, artistic realities. The bespoke process ensures that each mirror is not just a reflection but a personalised narrative.

Viewings are welcome, Surrey Mirrors are based in Farnham, Surrey 



 To connect to Surrey Mirrors:


Email -

Phone Number - 07908702229


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